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'But it's usually shrek' lois i'n

I am very devoted to the ogrelord.

tag meem

I got tagged by subcourfeyrac 8))))

1) What’s your name? Lois
2) When is your birthday? October 20
3) Where are you from? Born in Philippines, grew up in Singapore and later the Chicago, IL area. Now currently living in Cincinnati, OH for school
4) Have a crush? currently geiko Miehina, but it’s usually Shrek
5) What’s your favourite colour? red
6) Write something in caps? POOP
7) Got a favourite band? Angra 
9) Favourite drink? taro boba 
10) Tag ten people? everyone 

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This summer has taken its weeby toll on many of us, companion-in-suffering. (So. Many. Good. Animes. There wasn’t that many for ages.)


and I got into some stuff that’s been around for 10 years and I’m p much ass-deep into it along with todays animes help

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oh man that’s so exciting ahh I’m glad you like it :D

I feel like this summer has really made me into a bigger weeb 

all the characters are really cute and have distinct features (which is something I always appreciate)

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GOD UGFHGFHGFU ALL OF THEM…I like tanaka, nishinoya and sugawara the best so far

expect fanart

watching haikyuu! with sister

holy poop I love it




So, this beautiful woman made her debut in geisha life the 28 October 2004  in the Harutomi okiya in Miyagawacho. Her okaansan chose a really beautiful name, Miehina. This name means “beautiful blessing doll”. But I don’t who is her One-san or if she have a One-san… Sorry.

I do not know how she’s spent his maiko stage except I know thaht she went in England. I tell you the complete story. For a “japan” convention in England (who the geishas are invited) she and the jikata geiko Fukuwaka going in the England. Miehina keep a very good memory of England.

Miehina have her erikae the 17 September 2009. She is famous for her shamisen talent but she dance also. She don’t have a little sister because her okiya isn’t sufficiently popular for attract the futur shikomi. Miehina is really good friend with Fukunae, i don’t know much of her relationship with another geisha.

For the anecdote Miehina comes to a geisha family. Her grand mother was a retired geisha for a  example. She don’t wanted to become geisha for a family tradition but she wanted become geisha because she love shamisen and the tradionnal dance.

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oh nooo my child

not the face